Project selection criteria

Project selection criteria

Criteria for the selection of projects for the subsequent provision of services​​

These criteria are developed for the selection of projects for the subsequent provision of services in the framework of:

Green Scouting – selection of projects that meet the standards of the approved Taxonomy of Green Projects for financing by issuing Green Bonds and attracting Green investments;
Search for investments and provision of project management services;
Residencies in GTH LTD.

Financial criteria: 

Availability of a business plan, financial model of project implementation;
Availability of co-financing by the applicant/investor of the project;
Marketing plan, analysis of sales markets for products/services;
Availability of physical infrastructure, fixed assets directly or indirectly involved in the implementation of the project;
Current financial stability of the company (in the case of the current one);
Project teams and competencies of participants (for startups);
The facts of the sale of products/services on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad, the existence of existing or deferred contracts for the supply of products / services that are the ultimate goal of the proposed project.

Technological effectiveness of the project: 

Availability of a detailed description of the production process;
Availability of design documentation in case of intended production;
Availability and composition of the license agreement/technology transfer agreement, in case of transfer of the finished technology from the owner to the applicant;
Benchmarking, detailed analysis-comparison with existing analogues on the market (if available) by technological, environmental and cost characteristics;

In the absence of a ready-made solution, the presence of a technological problem and the interest of the enterprise in solving it: 

A detailed description of the technological task of the enterprise, the solution of which is required either by commercialization of new ideas/ projects or by transfer of advanced foreign technologies;
Terms of reference for conducting a comprehensive survey of the enterprise according to the criteria:
Environmental friendliness
Energy efficiency
Assessment of the prospects for the development of the project, its scaling to the industry / export potential.

As part of the project analysis, in addition to the criteria and indicators listed above, a brief legal analysis (due diligence) is mandatory to confirm the data specified in the applications on the legal status of the applicant and the projects proposed for implementation.

If necessary, a patent study is conducted to determine the author /owner of trademarks /copyright certificates/patents and other intellectual property objects, as well as other information directly related to the implementation of the project.

Upon a separate request from the enterprise, it is possible to conduct ESG diagnostics of the enterprise and the management system on it.

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