Startup acceleration program

Startup Acceleration Program: Sustainable "green" project management for startups in line with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) & ESG (Environment, Social, Governance).

  • Module 1 "Sustainable Development and ESG Agenda"
  • Module 2 "Sustainable "Green" Project Management for Startups"

The acceleration program will be useful for startup owners, startup teams, senior and middle management, project and program managers, as well as employees in the fields of: 

  • sustainable development, 
  • corporate social responsibility (CSR), 
  • strategic development,
  • system management and quality control,
  • project/program/portfolio management,
  • project office management,
  • brand management.

Module objectives:

  • Deepen understanding of the main aspects of sustainable development and the ESG agenda from the perspective of management and employees;
  • Review the current state and prospects of the ESG agenda in international and national contexts;
  • Understand key risks and opportunities in the field of sustainable development;
  • Understand the perspective on sustainable development and ESG from the investment community;
  • Understand companies’ response to new challenges related to sustainable development and the ESG agenda.

Module program (16 hours):

  1. The concept of sustainable development and its benefits for business
  2. Key non-financial risks in sustainable development
  3. Regulators’ requirements for sustainable development in companies. Current state, trends, and forecasts
  4. Non-financial reporting: national and international standards and practice
  5. The context and relevance of the climate agenda
  6. Managing climate risks
  7. Transboundary carbon regulation
  8. ESG transformation of business: building a corporate system of sustainable development and ESG management.
  9. Integration of sustainable development into strategy, business model, operational activities, key management processes, and decision-making. Developing measures and key performance indicators (KPIs) in sustainable development
  10. Developing corporate practices for sustainable development management.

Module Objectives:

  • To provide participants with an understanding of key principles of sustainable development and project management
  • To develop skills in project goal-setting, defining boundaries and scope
  • To develop a Project Charter and Project Plan
  • To develop a Sustainability Management Plan
  • To evaluate and manage project risks and changes
  • To apply P5™, PSM3™, and PRiSM™ standards to improve organizational performance
  • To learn practical tools for reducing risks and increasing the success of your projects and startups
  • To proactively assess and manage project risks using over 50 sustainability indicators
  • To enhance your own and your team’s competence in project management and sustainable development
  • To understand how startups can differentiate themselves in the market and strengthen their brand
  • To learn best practices for applying sustainable development concepts to projects, programs, and portfolios.

Module Program (16 hours):

  1. Basics of project management (PM) and sustainable development
  2. Pre-project (Initiation) of the project
  3. Project planning by functional areas
  4. Risk and change management
  5. Project monitoring, reporting, and forecasting
  6. Project management system in the organization and improving business sustainability
  7. Trial testing and self-assessment of competencies. Preparation for international certification (if desired by participants).

Dauren Khassanov

Trainer of Module 1

ESG Officer of the Green Finance Center of AIFC

Oksana Klimenko

Trainer of Module 2

Managing Director of the international organization Green Project Management - Global.

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